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Almost all people can only do something they hate for so long. Many people that lose weight and quickly gain it back hate some aspects of more traditional approaches to staying fit or find that these approaches are not sustainable for years. A few amazing busy moms can set aside two hours for the gym five times every week for years without fail. For the other moms out there, it is important to find a women’s gym that recognizes the challenges moms face on a regular basis. Reaching fitness goals does not have to be an absolute top priority. Instead, crafting an exercise plan that works for you and your schedule can help you reach your fitness goals and stay on track. Plus, almost everyone wants to have fun during their spare time and socialize with others, moms included.

Women’s Fitness Center

In contrast, a women’s fitness center can provide a more empowering and comfortable atmosphere. There’s no need to be stressed because of men who are putting on a show, aggressively using the equipment, or paying just a little too much attention to the women present. Many women-only fitness centers are smaller and provide more help and instruction for members, a move that eliminates the stress of waiting in line to use equipment or not knowing how to do a workout or use a machine. While the average gym can make members feel fairly isolated, a women’s fitness center can help members feel like they belong there.

Men and women have different fitness needs in many regards. Unfortunately, since most gyms traditionally have been male-dominated and still are, the programs and equipment offered at them will usually cater to males. In general, it is hard for co-ed facilities to offer equipment and classes that are best for both genders; at a women’s fitness center, it is much easier to find a variety of workouts and machines that were intended to be used primarily by women.

Women’s Gym


The relatively new dance fitness routine traces its roots to Columbia, when in 1991 dance instructor and choreographer Alberto Perez forgot the aerobics music for a class he was teaching, and substituted a tape of merengue and salsa music instead. The class and subsequent ones taught in the same style were a hit. In 2001, Perez moved to the United States and began marketing his program here. Today, just ten years later, almost everyone has heard of the program, most gyms offer at least one course, and the website of Zumba Fitness reports that more than 14,000,000 people practice the program in more than 150 countries.

Functional Training

Functional training is a broad term that encompasses a major trend in fitness. Instead of traditional strength training where the end goal is to strengthen isolated muscle groups, this type of training focuses on continual, natural movements for the entire body. Focus on building strength, balance, tone, agility, and speed at the same time with functional training. Training to reach fitness goals should be designed around symmetry. In other words, some of the best approaches to overall training (e.g. functional training) focus on different types of strength building in all muscle groups in addition to different types of fitness goals simultaneously. You could spend four hours at the gym every day, or you could use a more advanced method of training to reach your fitness goals that meet your schedule and your body’s needs.


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