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Welcome to Women’s Workout & Wellness’ blog and brand new website! We decided to change the website to give W3 a whole new look- one focused on results! We hope all members and prospective members really get a feel for who we are and what we want to do for our members. We want our site and corporate name change to reflect the changes that we have made in our company that come directly from the latest studies in the fitness world.

The fitness industry is always evolving. Recently, major studies have proven that what we thought worked in the past does not actually produce the best results, and the old techniques can be drastically improved with new techniques. So, the first program we started implementing in our fitness centers throughout Chicago is functional training. We now have functional training in six of our eight Chicago gym locations, and it will soon be in all eight. Our members have worked incredibly hard and have gotten the most amazing results we have ever seen in all of our programs at W3.

We provide functional training in the form of group training to make personal training affordable by sharing the cost of a trainer with a group. Being in a group is motivational and fun. Functional training incorporates metabolic, strength, and core exercises and uses primal movements to make you functionally fit. You work muscles you never even knew you had!

W3 takes pride in always being up-to-date on the latest fitness studies to make sure we give our members the best programs available that will also help them achieve the best results. We have completely transformed ourselves into a results-driven company incorporating new programs like functional training and also nutrition. We know how important nutrition is in an overall fitness and wellness program, and we understand that for many of our members, nutrition has always been a struggle. We start them on great fitness programs, but sometimes they plateau because they need that other element- nutrition. So, we decided to do something about it!

We paired up with a company called dotFIT, a “cutting edge online fitness and weight loss program” to provide our members with personalized nutrition programs, nutritional coaching, tips, information, etc. These programs are all based on their height, weight, goals, goal date, activity level, etc. to provide them with target caloric intake and burn. This program also provides members with nutritious pre and post workout food options that are proven to aid in weight loss.

2011 was the year of implementing a lot of new programs that focus on results. It was a time to be the first movers in functional training programs and nutrition combined to offer an overall wellness package. It is for this reason that we have changed the name from Women’s Workout World to Women’s Workout & Wellness. We will continue to implement results-driven programs in the first quarter of 2012 because we want to continue to reflect this new focus on wellness for our members.

We hope you continue to check our blog to find out about new updates, new studies in the fitness industry, fitness challenges and tips! Feel free to post any questions or comments. We are here to help YOU!


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