Women’s Workout World was started in 1982 as a place for women across Chicagoland to exercise in a friendly, supportive and comfortable environment. Besides the women-only atmosphere, Women’s Workout World, now known to many as “W3,” has always catered to women’s fitness needs and kept up with women’s fitness trends to help our members succeed. W3 has always prided ourselves on the best service around because we truly care about our members’ wants, needs and ultimately, their results. Providing the best service to help our members get results is what sets us apart from our competitors.


Since W3’s inception, there have been many different fitness trends. One of the first trends was aerobics and group exercise classes. W3 has always worked to ensure we have the best group exercise classes and programs in Chicagoland. Keeping up with these trends requires consistent education to our staff and instructors. Hosting workshops and trainings for our employees has always been important to us and has been something that sets us apart from competitors as well because we want to provide the best classes to our members with the best, most motivating instructors. From aerobics to Zumba to strength training classes, W3 has incorporated it all to fit our members’ needs. We even have W3 signature classes, like HardBody, that is exclusive to W3 gyms!


We still strive for excellence in our group exercise programs because we know that women are social creatures. Women like to workout in groups, so continuing to provide this service to our members is very important to W3, always has been and always will be. However, we also know that not everyone likes group exercise classes, which is why we are more than just a group exercise studio. We are a full-service health club for women, equipped with various lines of cardio as well as strength training equipment and weights.


In 2009, Women’s Workout World decided to go one step further in helping our members achieve their goals and get results. We added our functional training program. Again, knowing our members like to workout in groups, we added this service in the form of group personal training. Because of this shift toward functional training and helping our members get and stay functionally fit, we decided to incorporate this aspect of fitness into our name and officially changed our name to Women’s Workout & Wellness, still keeping the nickname “W3.” Since the start of this results-driven program, we have seen our members achieve results that they never were able to before! As we continued to grow this program, we realized that some women, especially those who have specific needs or those who are just starting to exercise, needed something more than training in a group. They needed one on one attention, and the basic orientation services that we provided were simply not enough.  Therefore, we developed new services to better fit our training philosophy and the needs of our members. This service introduces each new member to functional training as they sit down with a W3 coach or manager to figure out the best path toward achieving their goals. For those looking for something more than our group exercise program, weights, cardio and equipment, our services now include one on one personal training, TEAM training and soon to offer small group personal training. Regardless of the type of training it is, W3’s training philosophy is that “everyone should train functionally.” Along with this new training philosophy is our RESULTS theme. We will continue to strive to deliver these excellent, results-driven services, helping women across Chicagoland achieve their health and fitness goals and get the results they deserve!


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