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Busy moms are almost always not given enough credit. Driving to disorienting soccer fields, getting dinner done, and holding jobs all while juggling a few extra toddlers and infants is supposed to be a piece of cake. It is a small wonder why so many moms have a difficult time reaching their fitness goals. After days of acting as a professional housekeeper, chef, chauffer, and caretaker most moms want to take a few hours to do something they actually want to do instead of counting carbs and lifting weights in an uninviting atmosphere. Instead of giving up on yourself and your fitness goals, go to a gym specifically designed for women. A women’s gym can help you meet new people and find new interests while doing activities you enjoy.

Women’s Fitness Center

If you’re a woman and you’re searching for a fitness program that will work for you in the long run, you should consider joining an all-women’s facility. While some women may feel a little strange about actively avoiding men and going to an exclusive gym, a women’s fitness center offers many benefits that co-ed facilities simply are not able to. Here are four of the main reasons that many women have made the decision to switch over to an exclusively female fitness center.

For many women, especially those who aren’t regular gym-goers or haven’t been on a fitness regimen in a while, going to the gym can be daunting. Some women may feel self-conscious that they don’t know how to use all of the equipment, or that they haven’t yet built up the strength and endurance to go through an “average” workout without feeling over-exerted. Many women may feel low self-esteem about their weight and body image, and be intimidated to work out and be scrutinized in a crowded public place. Even women who are in great shape and feel confident about their appearance may feel like they receive unwanted attention from men at the gym. All of these factors can make women uncomfortable, distracted, and more likely to simply cut their workouts short and go home early. Establishing the gym as a stressful and frustrating place to go makes it even easier for women to talk themselves out of going and simply fall out of a fitness routine despite having the best of intentions.

Women’s Gym


For many people, Zumba may just seem like a fad, but in truth, this workout has real staying power. If you haven’t tried it yet, it can be the perfect way to lose weight, boost endurance, and diversify your workouts without even realizing that you’re doing work. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not, which is why millions of people in countries around the world are taking up this type of exercise. Below are a few guidelines for finding the right instructor or class and getting the most out of your workouts. First, however, it’s important to understand what exactly you’ll be doing.

Zumba is essentially a dance-based aerobics fitness program. Sessions typically last for an hour, during which an instructor leads participants through a variety of dance moves set to upbeat dance music of different tempos. Usually the majority of the music played is Latin, with genres and styles including flamenco, hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, belly dancing, and more. Typically, some songs or dances are very high-energy and intense, while others allow participants to recover a little while still staying on their feet and in motion. There are many subcategories of Zumba. There are routines targeted at seniors in particular, classes that promote toning by using toning sticks, and even aquatic classes, all offered at various levels to welcome beginners or challenge experienced participants.

Functional Training

Getting back into shape at 50 is not as impossible as it sounds. A quality trainer will work with you to address specific concerns that come with getting a little older (e.g. sore joints) while getting the results you want by using functional training, one of the newest training strategies that works the entire body. Instead of letting yourself go, take getting older as an opportunity to do things that you were not able to focus on before. After your kids grow up and become more independent, you can focus on your life instead of what time soccer practice is on Thursdays. Many women find getting older to have both pros and cons.

A lot of women wish that they could look like they did when they were 20 forever. However, women in their 50s have a chance to pursue different avenues to get the lives they want. Looking great at 50 is not impossible. However, many women in their 50s find it helpful to take a different approach to traditional workouts at the gym by engaging in functional training. Instead of worrying about bad knees or old injuries, using a new approach can help women of all ages and ability levels get the results they want without training for years or dedicating their lives to the gym.


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