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Next up is location—how far are you willing to drive to get to your workout? If you’ve been a habitual gym-quitter in the past, picking one that is extremely convenient to home, work, or both can make all the difference in the world. Choosing a gym that’s across town or otherwise difficult to get to makes it that much easier to stop going.

Finally, visit your potential new gym and check out the atmosphere. It should be upbeat, positive, and invigorating. You should immediately feel comfortable here—if you don’t, you won’t want to come back over and over again.

Women’s Fitness Center

Belonging to a gym designed just for women can be very beneficial. For starters, if you feel self-conscious about working out in front of other people, knowing that you’ll only be in the room with your fellow ladies may help ease your mind. Some women are intimidated into not using the free weight section of their gym, as it is an area typically frequented by extremely muscle-bound men; in a women-only fitness center, you will not have this problem. Finally, ladies’ gyms can offer an overall friendlier, more supportive atmosphere than much of their competition. All of the classes offered focus on what women want and need from their fitness facility. A women’s fitness center will often offer the typical gym equipment, such as treadmills, resistance training machines, and ellipticals; in addition, many include a specialized fitness plan, group exercise sessions, and even a playroom to allow you to keep your children in a safe, supervised area while you work out.

Women’s Gym


Zumba can breathe new life into your existing workout routine. If you’re grown tired or bored of your day-to-day gym pattern, chances are your muscles have, too. To build new muscle tone, or even just maintain your existing tone, your muscles need a variety of exercises that rotate frequently. Without adding diversity, your workouts can become less and less effective over time. Since Zumba’s so fun, you may not even realize how intense of a workout you’re really getting until the class is over.

Functional Training

Functional fitness training works by utilizing specific combinations of movements that mimic the movements you perform in your everyday life—either at home, at work, or in sports. These moves involve multiple joints and multiple muscle groups, just as in real life. Functional training patterns can include routines consisting of pushing and pulling, squatting and rotating, and walking or running. Being able to improve the way you perform these patterns translates into handling real-life scenarios with greater ease and care, which can lead to a reduced chance of hurting yourself. If you have ever badly hurt yourself by doing what you thought was a simple and commonplace movement—for example, hurting your back or neck by picking something up off the ground—then you can appreciate exactly how useful a functional training routine under the guidance of a personal trainer or class instructor might be.


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