January: Sticking to your New Year’s Resolution!

The arrival of a new year always gives a jolt to the mind and body. We’re excited to make new year’s resolutions, but sometimes it’s hard to succeed. Why? The biggest reason is because we make too many goals, and they’re hard to stick to. Our exercise tip for January is how to succeed with your new year’s resolutions. First, make sure your goals are attainable and measurable. Make smaller goals that you can measure and achieve that will also keep you motivated. These small goals lead up to your main goal that you will achieve by the end of the year! Check out this article, “Sticking to your New Year’s Resolution,” on womensfitness.org for more tips!

September: Fuel Your Body the Right Way!

Stop trying to lose weight the wrong way and start trying to be healthy! Food is fuel for your body; make sure you are giving it the best fuel that is possible. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Lindsy, ACE Personal Trainer, W3 Lawrence Ave.

August: Engage your core AND adductors!

Many people keep their feet/legs too far apart when performing a plank. If you squeeze your heels together as tight as you can, you will activate the adductors and can even allow more engagement of the core muscles. When I cue my clients to do this, they report that less stress is placed on their lower backs.

Jaush, NASM- CPT, CES & Functional Training Manager- W3 Monroe St.

July: Principle of Progression!

In order to obtain results in both strength and definition, you must work the body beyond its resting capacity (CHALLENGE!) by adding new components to an exercise, like adding more weight. Try the Two-for-Two Rule: You are ready to increase your weights if you are able to perform two additional reps for two consecutive sets keeping proper form.

Aleks, B.S., NPTI, ACPT, TRX, Monroe St.

June: Diet is Important!

You can’t out-train a bad diet! Combine a good, healthy diet with a well-balanced training program for optimal results!

Jamie, Marketing Director and Group X Instructor

May: When to Eat Before/After Exercise!

Many don’t know that you need to eat something BEFORE cardio and AFTER weight training. Eating carbohydrates before cardio not only keeps you from feeling dizzy, but it also gives your body supplement to burn off, so you can last during your workout! *Don’t forget: Be sure to drink WATER during cardio sessions unless you’ve been going for more than an hour; your body may then need a further supplement of carbs to keep your energy up and running! What about weight training? Protein and carbs AFTER the lift within 30 minutess! Studies show that is the most effective time to increase results. 4g of protein to 1g of carbohydrates!

Andra, NASM Personal Trainer and Group X Instructor, Tinley Park

April: Never Compromise Form for Range of Motion

You should never compromise form for range of motion! Example: Sit and Reach. The proper form is to keep your flat back. If you need to bend your back to reach further, you are sacrificing your form for range of motion. Stay within your ability level and work up to a deeper stretch.

Adrianne, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Director


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