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Joining a women’s gym can give moms the opportunity to meet new friends or participate in classes with old friends. To be honest, working out with friends is almost always more fun. Instead of setting aside gym time as another chore, gym time can be a quality social hour. Plus, most people are more likely to stick with an exercise plan when they have the support of new or old friends. It can be easy to ditch the gym to watch television at home when you are working out by yourself. However, it usually is not so easy to ditch the gym when you have plans to meet friends there or participate in a workout class. A women’s gym can be a fantastic opportunity for moms to get some much needed adult time without kids. After committing to reach your fitness goal with the support of others, you might find that burning calories in the cardio room is a great time to talk about common interests with other moms. Plus, being around others with the same fitness goals can make other activities easier.

Women’s Fitness Center

At a regular fitness center, exercise equipment may not be contoured or sized correctly for women. Many women’s fitness centers, meanwhile, use hydraulic machines, which offer a workout without the danger of dropping weights or over-straining muscles. These fitness centers may also offer machines that are sized smaller to accommodate the reach of women, or equipment that is more easily adjustable. While many co-ed facilities do offer adjustable equipment, most have a majority of male members, so women will generally have to recalibrate most of the pieces of equipment that they want to use. With a women’s-only gym, women are much more likely to be able to use most of the exercise machines that they approach with minimal adjusting. A women’s fitness center may also offer special programs that are designed with women of various ages in mind. For instance, a program for older women might feature exercises to help prevent osteoporosis, which is a health problem that women are much more likely than men to experience.

Women’s Gym


One of the best selling points of this dance fitness program is that it works without feeling like work. The dance moves are easy to follow and don’t feel overly challenging or strenuous, yet a good session can burn between 500 and 1,000 calories, which is comparable to what a typical person would burn through while running six- to ten-minute miles for an hour. Many people find an hour of dancing to upbeat music much more appealing, both while they’re anticipating it and while they’re actually doing it. For people who have trouble sticking to a fitness routine, dance workouts are easy to look forward to and introduce much-needed variety into the fitness landscape. Many people lose motivation to exercise not because their fitness regimen is too difficult, but because it is too monotonous. Slogging away on a treadmill or stationary bike, or doing endless reps of strength or resistance exercises, can get to even the most disciplined and motivated people. Zumba introduces a wealth of fun dance moves that can be combined in new ways during every song and every class.

Functional Training

Women that want to get back in shape can often find it challenging to dive right in to an intense workout routine to reach lofty fitness goals such as running a marathon or triathlon as soon as possible. An important part of training in general is to allow your body the time it needs to heal and rebuild muscle. After suddenly starting a new training program to reach a fitness goal, your body will often need a little extra time to get used to working out again. In addition to being a great way for women over 50 to look their best, functional training can also be a good stepping stone for women over 50 that want to get back in stellar shape. In many instances, regular training will help women accomplish their goals more effectively than only doing hard workouts. In addition, completing too many hard workouts can lead to injuries such as stress fractures for women of any age. Approaching training from a different perspective in a single workout can offer the flexibility women of different ages and skill levels need to reach their fitness goals.


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